UIUX Design Workshop for Devfest

2018 February 13

Another workshop! Here are the slides from the workshop I did for Devfest 2018, a week of workshops and hackathon hosted by ADI (Application Development Initiative) at Columbia University.

What is UIUX Design Workshop

2016 November 15

Lately I've been really interested in speaking. It's been not only a great exercise in solidifying my thoughts on design and how to teach the value of design to others but also an opportunity to reconnect with my former college community. I had really forgotten how much of a struggle it was to become a UI/UX designer on a campus with no design community/courses while surrounded by CS and finance/econ majors.

Here are the slides from my most recent workshop at Columbia University for ADI (Application Development Initiative) on the basics of what is UI/UX design. I am interested in other speaking opportunities on design/code/my experiences at Pivotal, so do reach out!