Eyeview - Adtech Platform

Brief: The VideoIQ platform by Eyeview enables its users to manage and optimize advertising campaigns, as well as utilize Eyeview's proprietary RTB (real time bidding) technology and targeted, personalized creative variants to drive ROI.

Upon joining adtech startup, Eyeview, in June 2014, our newly assembled team consisting of a handful of product managers, developers, and one designer (me!) embarked on creating Eyeview's first self-service campaign management and optimization platform. Soon the project evolved to further include replacing an existing, sluggish (dying!) internal platform.

Execution: As the first and only UIUX designer at \Eyeview, I am responsible for an entirely new user interface/design language, as well as any UX standards for the application. I work closely with product managers to develop wireframes and at times take on PM responsibilities -- conducting user research, writing specifications, defining team scrum proccesses, and utlizing technical knowledge to collaborate with developers.

Primarily, I communicate design and logic decisions via hi-fidelity mockups and flow sheets -- these deliverables best illustrate complicated logic and user experiences. I also regularly contribute to our code base! Coding regularly keeps me alert and in-tune with our growing application. Not to mention, it's faster for me to perfect the fine lines, fix small bugs, and even develop simple functions, than for me to communicate the tweaks and for a developer to context switch!

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Sass, AngularJS, Balsamiq

Here are some examples of deliverables I've created so far at Eyeview:

Date Range Picker Logic

image image image

Campaign Performance Table Elements


Geographic Audience Targeting

image image