UIUX Designer and Photographer


I'm a full-stack UIUX Designer living in NYC, originally from the Bay Area. I'm currently at VMware Tanzu Labs , where we work alongside our clients in an agile, lean environment to ship software and transform slow-moving organizations to overcome fear, prioritize user value, and ship software fast.

Outside of work, I'm currently working an application that is used by organizers ond judges to run and score wushu competitions efficiently.

I graduated from Columbia University where I was involved with Application Development Initiative (ADI) and Columbia Wushu (I co-founded it!).

I also do a lot of photography. I shoot weddings, events, portraits, food, and pretty much anything. I'm a photographer for non-profit, ALIST Magazine, and Facebook page, Humans of Wushu.

Reach me at ohhodesign[at]gmail.com and/or follow me!

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Blog Posts and Talks

UIUX Design Workshop Workshop at Columbia University for Devfest 2018 hosted by ADI (Application Development Initiative)

From Martial Arts to Product Design Blog post where I talk about why I co-founded Kipup and why I joined Pivotal

Curing Handoff-itis Interview where Taavo and I (and another Pivotal Eng-Design pair) talk about how we work together


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