Kipup - Wushu Scoring Application

Brief: After years of attending wushu competitions that ran painfully overtime, we saw an opportunity to contribute to the wushu community -- software. In October 2016 when Columbia University won the bid for the 20th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament, we immediately began work on a new competition judging software, affectionately named Kipup.

Execution: I couldn't have asked for better teammates than user-centered, full-stack engineers, Jonathan Balsano and Daron Lin. In 6 months, we interviewed judges, designed, built, user tested, and shipped our application.

Wushu is scored similarly to ice skating--there are technical moves that receive various point values, timed deductions, as well as artistic/performance scores. By applying user-centered design to our application, we uncovered their pain points beyond simply building features to accomplish the technicalities of judging. We even ran a usability session where we had around 12 judges use the application at the same time to simulate a real-life judging situation. (It's complicated!)

Moving Forward: Kipup is far from finished! After a smashing success of a debut at Collegiates 2016, the team looks forward to adding new features and hopes to make Kipup the standard for wushu tournaments every where. Next up: the 2016 University Wushu Games at the University of Maryland!

Tools/Tech Stack: Sketch, Sass, Backbone.js, Node.js, Postgres, Socket.io

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